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I’m a full-stack designer and developer creating exceptional digital experiences on the web.

With every project I hope to build a lasting, positive impact for the customers, missions and bottom lines of my clients. The processes I have in place ensure a flexible and fast style of design and development while maintaining focus on the overarching business goals. After all, a beautifully designed graphic or web page is only part of the puzzle.

My best work is built on the Jamstack. We're talking React, Next.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS (❤️ Tailwind), SVG Lottie animation and GSAP. I make sure the admin and authoring experience is just as simple, powerful and engaging as your website's UX. I exceed expectations by delivering customized headless CMS setups from the likes of Strapi, Sanity, Shopify and WordPress via REST and GraphQL APIs. All of this is followed up with a healthy dose of technical on-page SEO, image optimization, mobile and tablet responsive UI design, CDN caching, edge functions, static site generation (and more) to keep things running fast, lean and secure.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, request a free 30 minute consult and discuss your goals for 2023 and beyond. If I'm not the best person for the job, I'll try my best to point you in the right direction.

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